Quick focus on… The front-end demo release 🎉

Dear pioneers, as you probably already know, the front-end demo version of the future platform will be released by the 12/31!

What is a front-end demo?

A front-end demo allows to test the overall graphical interface as well as the navigation between the different views and components of the platform.

The main objective of a demo of this type is to allow future users to familiarize themselves with the platform as well as to gather precious feedback, allowing the team to optimize the product thereafter.

Please note: In a front-end demo, some graphic elements may not yet be in their final version, you may cross paths with some small bugs or anomalies but don’t worry, it’s quite normal, they will be fixed in the next release!

What is included in this front-end demo:

VIEWS (including desktop, tablet & mobile versions)
- Sign-in / Sign-up view
- Dashboard (quick accesses, menus, light & dark themes, language selection …)
- Homepage view
- Single post view with comments
- Personal profile view
- Other users profiles view
- Trending view
- Notifications view
- Wallet view

- Switch between light & dark themes
- Overall navigation
- #Hashtags & $Cashtags management
- Post locally (text, free/premium selection, pictures & emojis management)
- Update your profil info (profile picture, name…)
- Upvote
- Log-out

What is coming next?

  • After this initial front-end release, we will enrich the app with new features on a daily basis, which can be tested directly by the community on our website.
  • A new staking pool will be opened to our investors (all details about this staking pool will be shared in a future Medium post, stay tuned!)
  • The Ambassadors program will keep growing, offering more and more organic growth.
  • A vote will be organized within the community in order to define the best main exchange platform on which to be listed.
  • Q1 2021, a beta-version of the platform will be opened to our community before the official public launch.
  • Late Q1 2021, we aim to release the full v1.0!

This is just the beginning, let’s bring the Crypto Twitter community to the next level, all together!



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