Dear pioneers,

Here we are, the very first Apha technical-functional brick has been released! The whole team is very happy with this first iteration, everything went perfectly so that we can now carry out this phase of testing and improvement exactly as expected before the release of the Beta version later on.

A little reminder on what an Alpha version is:

The Alpha is the very first phase of the release life cycle of the product.
This version is all about quality assurance & testing in near-real conditions. At this stage, the platform may contain errors and instabilities.

The goal of this very first Alpha release is to identify…

To celebrate the launch of the Alpha version of the Social Rocket platform, DeFi of Thrones joins the party by offering a great Airdrop of $150 in $DOTX to our first users, everyday for two weeks!

How to earn a $DOTX Airdrop?

It’s simple! Every day, to have a chance to be drawn, just post a Tweet mentioning @social___rocket with your Social Rocket @username and the link to your Social Rocket profile!

Example of Tweet:

Add me on @social___rocket, the new social network for the crypto community!
My username is @KristinWatson, here is the link to my profile: [URL of your profile on Social Rocket]

Here we go, good luck to all!

The Social Rocket team

Dear pioneers,

After a big rush over the last few months, the whole team is very happy to announce that the Alpha version of the platform will be launched in the next few days! We are in the process of finalizing the last pre-launch details in order to ensure an optimal production release (scalability of the backend infrastructure, security, minor improvements, etc).

But what is an Alpha version?

The Alpha is the very first phase of the release life cycle of the product.
This version is all about quality assurance & testing. At this stage, the platform may contain errors and instabilities.

The goal of this…

All the team is very happy to bring the Binance Charity Foundation to the fore at the launch of the Social Rocket platform!

Indeed, Binance Charity opens the doors of charity to the world of cryptocurrencies and it seems absolutely necessary to us to contribute to this positive momentum to the extent of our possibilities.

As such, we are pleased to announce that we are releasing our very first NFT to benefit Binance Charity, the very first Tweet to have ever been published from the Social Rocket platform.

As soon as an offer meets our expectations, we will validate it…

On the Social Rocket platform, it is possible to reward directly other users for the quality of their content, by giving them a tip in one click.

There are two ways to do this, you can either pay a tip directly under a published post in your feed, or from a user’s profile.

Dear pioneers, as you probably already know, the front-end demo version of the future platform will be released by the 12/31!

What is a front-end demo?

A front-end demo allows to test the overall graphical interface as well as the navigation between the different views and components of the platform.

The main objective of a demo of this type is to allow future users to familiarize themselves with the platform as well as to gather precious feedback, allowing the team to optimize the product thereafter.

Please note: In a front-end demo, some graphic elements may not yet be in their final version, you may cross paths with some small bugs or anomalies but don’t worry, it’s quite normal, they will be fixed in the next release!

What is included in this front-end demo:

Dear pioneers, welcome to the Social Rocket Ambassadors program!

Today is a new decisive chapter for the project, all the team is really happy to announce the release of the Social Rocket Ambassadors program!

The Ambassadors program allows members to enjoy exclusive benefits in return for their participation in the life of the project.

To begin, what are we expecting from our Ambassadors?

  • Follow, like, retweet and comment Social Rocket posts
  • Publish news about the project using the $ROCKS cashtag
  • Be active about the project on Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, 4chan etc…
  • Share your most beautiful gifs & stickers 🐸
  • Daily upvote Social Rocket on several websites like CoinGecko
  • Lead the Telegram group by answering basic questions if needed…

Let’s clearly understand the utility of the $ROCKS tokens.

On the Social Rocket platform, the $ROCKS tokens provide access to all of the paid features described below:

  1. Pay tips to your favorite influencers / analysts / traders. As you know, on Social Rocket it is possible to monetize your content. Thus, users wishing to reward your awesome content will do it using $ROCKS tokens.
  2. Increase your visibility on the platform. For users wishing to boost their visibility and thus grow their community, it is possible to pay for temporary boosts in order to get your posts highlighted in your community’s live feed, as well as in the “Trending” and…

Social Rocket in five key point

1. Unprecedented tailor-made features for the crypto community.
2. Synchronized to your Twitter account & Telegram groups & channels.
3. Grow you community by always being one step ahead.
4. Monetize your Social Rocket, Twitter & Telegram audiences.
5. Earn incomes by being active on the crypto community.


To begin with it would be great if you could give us a few details of your history and your role in the social rocket team?

My name is Felix Aubert, I am the founder and CEO of Social Rocket. My background is both technical and functional, I am a former engineer and I now have a bit more than 10 years of experience in tech, product management & strategy. …

Social Rocket

Social Rocket empowers the Twitter & Telegram crypto communities by offering an exclusive and innovative tailor-made platform.

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