How is Social Rocket taking over the crypto Twitter game ๐Ÿฆ„

Social Rocket in five key point


Social Rocket empowers the Twitter & Telegram crypto communities with blockchain technologies, offering exclusive and innovative tailor-made features.

On Social Rocket, automatically share your trading news, signals, tips & analysis in real time on Twitter & Telegram and earn incomes for it, in an unprecedented dedicated environment with an exclusive and gamified user experience. Letโ€™s grow your Twitter and Telegram communities and benefit from a dedicated crypto trading ecosystem, tailor-made for these two platforms.

Crypto-enthusiasts, traders, influencers, letโ€™s get daily rewarded for sharing crypto content, news, trading signals, tips & analysis. You will quickly gain levels by using the Social Rocket platform, that will allow you to grow your community and thus your income.

As a crypto enthusiast looking for a great community, smart and experienced crypto influencers, traders and more, easily create an account in one click via Twitter Connect and join instantly the world top performing crypto traders & influencers in their journey. Search for influencers & traders by their overall quality rating index (levels) and consult in real time their news, trading signals, tips and analysis in order to make the most out of their commitment & experience. Also, always stay one step ahead by subscribing to the premium program of your favorite crypto influencers & traders to access unlimited and exclusive content reserved for premium members only!

As a crypto influencer / trader, welcome to your new home, you will love it! From the Social Rocket platform, letโ€™s grow your crypto community by instantly sharing all your news, trading signals, tips and analysis in one click across all your social feeds (Social Rocket, Twitter & Telegram groups & channels). Begin to monetize your work and valuable commitment by determining your free content from your premium content (being exclusively reserved for your premium subscribers). Because yes, on Social Rocket, you can manage your own Premium crypto program. Simply set your Premium content access price per user and per month. Itโ€™s time to capitalize on your skills and knowledge. By sharing crypto news, trading signals, tips and analysis with your community, you will receive experience points. These points will allow you to increase your general level and thus gain popularity, validating your legitimacy. And With legitimacy comes glory, the better your level is, the more you will be highlighted and the more you will earn. In addition to the paid subscriptions of some of your community members, you will automatically generate ROCKS (Social Rocket tokens) daily according to your level. The higher you rank, the more you will earn!

Finally, as a crypto project leader, take advantage of an ecosystem dedicated to the crypto community where you can intelligently and transparently promote your project the right way, and find enthusiasts & investors to support you.

Social Rocket empowers the Twitter & Telegram crypto communities by offering an exclusive and innovative tailor-made platform.