We are here! A word about our silence during the last few weeks. 🤫

The Social Rocket team has been silent for more than a month on all its social network accounts, why was that so? 🤔

On the 25th of June, one of the co-founder of Social Rocket, Felix, decided to leave the project to go towards other horizons and announced on the Discord #announcements channel that he was giving the entire control of the project to its former associate, Maxime.

This situation came abruptly, so we needed time to process the information and chose our next moves carefully. The now lone founder had to work hard on setting up a new team, while at the same time running its many ongoing activities. We have been looking for the ideal candidates to take back some part of the codebase, to push out new features, to set up partnerships and marketing strategies. And finally, after weeks of intense work, I’m happy and proud to announce that we are back on track and more motivated than ever! 😼 🚀

The freshly formed team has been brainstorming to find new ideas and strategies to send Social Rocket to the top. While everyone is full of ideas and energy, Maxime will ensure that objectives are reached and that the original vision of the project is respected.

This was a key moment for Social Rocket and I think we all came out more experienced and stronger out of it. 💪

Once again, excuse us for our silence, it must have been hard for our investors to be left without any news for so long, but it was impossible to manage everything alone. Sometimes keeping quiet is better than reacting too quickly and spreading fud needlessly. We needed this time to sort everything out.

We will come with many news in the upcoming days, so stay tuned! 🤖

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