The Beta version is here, and you can now earn Tips from your community!

This is probably one of the most important updates of the year, the Beta version has just been released!

We are very happy to officially announce the followings :

  • Social Rocket has just been upgraded to Beta version!
  • Crypto-influencers, you can now collect tips on the platform
  • $ROCKS tokens are now available on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
  • You can now trade your $ROCKS tokens on PancakeSwap
  • Marketing strategy will be launched with user acquisition

Social Rocket upgrade to Beta version

After 8 months of hard work, the team is proud to release the Beta version of the platform today, much more stable and efficient than the previous Alpha version. This new version incorporates (among many other improvements) the Tips feature.

The Tips feature

Finally! Crypto-influencers of all sizes, you can now accept tips on the platform and start monetizing your content.

It’s really simple, just connect your wallet in the “Wallet” tab of the platform and your followers will immediately be able to start rewarding your great content. When you receive a Tips on Social Rocket, a notification will inform you directly and your personal statistics (available from your user profile) will be updated.

Wallet connect tutorial

  1. Connect your wallet to Social Rocket
    First of all, in order to send & receive tips on Social Rocket, you need to connect a wallet to your account. From the left menu, click on “Wallet” then simply follow the steps.
  2. Switch to BSC
    Tips are sent via the Binance Smart Chain. So your $ROCKS tokens must be on the BSC in order to be used on the platform. When you connect a wallet on Social Rocket, be sure that you have selected the BSC main-net on your wallet.

Important information: Social Rocket is a decentralized service that does not handle the transactions. Transactions are made directly from one user to another, so once you connect a wallet, it will be visible by other users in order to send and receive tips. Feel free to create a dedicated new wallet for Social Rocket if you need to keep your crypto-assets private.

Tips tutorial

  1. Sent a tip
    You can send a tip to any user who has added a wallet to their account. A wallet icon is then visible directly on the user’s posts, and the “Tips” section is also available on his profile.
  2. Receive a tip
    You can receive tips at any time from other users, for that just add a wallet to your account. When you receive a tip, you will receive a notification and your stats will be updated in your user profile.

Important information: You will receive your tips on the BSC. To access your received $ROCKS tokens, do not forget to switch your wallet to the Binance Smart Chain.


After eight months of intense work and dedication, we finally launched the platform Beta version of the platform in the best conditions and the marketing / user acquisition phase will begin.

The Social Rocket product is not another simple social media platform, it will be marketed as a solution for influencers to monetize their crypto-related content. At Social Rocket, we believe that we can provide the best experience for both the influencer and users. We are focusing on building features that help crypto traders specifically, and we will market the product with this mindset.



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