Social Rocket — The Alpha version is about to be released soon 🎉

Dear pioneers,

After a big rush over the last few months, the whole team is very happy to announce that the Alpha version of the platform will be launched in the next few days! We are in the process of finalizing the last pre-launch details in order to ensure an optimal production release (scalability of the backend infrastructure, security, minor improvements, etc).

But what is an Alpha version?

The Alpha is the very first phase of the release life cycle of the product.
This version is all about quality assurance & testing. At this stage, the platform may contain errors and instabilities.

The goal of this very first Alpha release is to identify a number of very important details concerning the quality of the platform (tech, UX / UI…), in order to ensure its public launch and its continuity under the best conditions. Uses behaviors patterns (totally anonymous), bugs, technical and functional minor improvements and many other things can be identified, and it is by testing the platform in real conditions that we can improve it the best way!

Therefore, we are counting on you all! Indeed, you pioneers, will play a very important & central role in the process of optimizing the platform. By using it on a daily basis, you will allow us to identify a large number of optimizations and potential instabilities that we will be able to correct directly, on the fly!

What features are available in the Alpha version?

The Alpha version does not contain all of the features that are planned for the final version. We will deploy the features step by step over time, in order to be able to focus on each functional brick of the project and thus, ensure good behavior and stability for each one.

In a first time, you might come across the following message along your journey:

No worries, it just means that this is a feature that will be released once the current features have been already tested and validated.

What is next?

We will, on a daily basis during this phase of Alpha, optimize the existing functionalities as well as unveil new functionalities little by little to ensure a release under the best conditions.

As soon as the web-based features are validated in live conditions, the blockchain-based features (wallet, tips, staking, rewards and more) will be released and then tested in the same way.

Step by step, the platform will stabilize, its functional scope will evolve and new users will join us!

Thank you to each of you for your growing involvement in the project, we are counting on you all to use the platform and give us your best feedback!

The Social Rocket team

Important security information before you create an account:
SLL protocol is used for establishing authenticated and encrypted links between users and servers, and passwords are end-to-end encrypted. However, in the context of this Alpha version, we invite our users not to use any sensitive personal information. Keep in mind that your posts, @username and nickname are public on the platform (other users can find you and thus follow you), and we recommend that you use a temporary email address throughout the testing phase (Alpha phase). For testing reasons, your email addresses may be temporarily decrypted and accessible in order for the team to be able to check the compliance of certain features (email address verification when creating an account, for example).

In case you have any doubt, you can change your current email address with a temporary non-sensitive one from your settings (

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