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3 min readApr 8, 2021


Dear pioneers,

Here we are, the very first Apha technical-functional brick has been released! The whole team is very happy with this first iteration, everything went perfectly so that we can now carry out this phase of testing and improvement exactly as expected before the release of the Beta version later on.

A little reminder on what an Alpha version is:

The Alpha is the very first phase of the release life cycle of the product.
This version is all about quality assurance & testing in near-real conditions. At this stage, the platform may contain errors and instabilities.

The goal of this very first Alpha release is to identify a number of very important details concerning the quality of the platform (tech, UX / UI…), in order to ensure its public launch and its continuity under the best conditions. Uses behaviors patterns (totally anonymous), bugs, technical and functional minor improvements and many other things can be identified, and it is by testing the platform in real conditions that we can improve it the best way!

Retrospective on the launch

Since the Alpha release, many bugs and vulnerabilities have already been identified and fixed, and this is thanks to all of you! In fact, more than 700 early users created an account and used the platform this first week, this is exactly the volume of users (up to 1,000 maximum) that we needed to identify the behaviors of our infrastructure in near-real conditions.

As a result, we saved a lot of time on the initial testing phase and we are therefore fortunate to have entered a maintenance phase more quickly than expected, a phase which allows us to greatly optimize the general scalability / speed of execution of the platform. Once this maintenance phase will be over (we’re talking about ~a week), a new version of the platform, better than ever, will be released!

But that’s not all. Maintenance phase does not mean stopping developments! During this time we continue to improve the existing functionalities of the platform in order to enrich the Alpha version over time, as planned.

This week we have already released a number of great improvements, such as:

- Search feature on mobile version
- Search feature on tablet version
- The possibility of modifying your profile / banner pictures on mobile
- A full redesign of the Settings navigation on mobile
- Optimization of published links (and in the user’s profile description), now enhanced (visually identifiable and clickable)
- Levels now go up to 100
- Minor UX / UI optimizations
- Optimization of the infrastructure related to the overall security
- Other minor improvements…

What is next?

As soon as this maintenance phase is completed and we have published the new version of the platform with its brand new awesome scalable infrastructure, the course of the project will resume better than ever. We will continue to make partnerships with other projects as we did with Dotx, and we will be able to relaunch our user acquisition plan under the best conditions!

Do you want to keep an eye on the news to come on the platform?
We keep surprises in store, but here are the public next steps:

Thank you for supporting us every day, your presence by our side motivates us to give ourselves to the maximum for the success of this project!

We aim to offer you the platform of your dreams and we will, you deserve it!


The Social Rocket Team



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