$ROCKS are now on BSC & PancakeSwap! 🥞

You asked us, we did it!

In order to optimize the trading experience of our community (particularly related to ETH transaction fees), we have decided to open a trading pool on PancakeSwap.

$ROCKS + Binance Smart Chain

In order to meet the needs of our users, we have bridged the $ROCKS tokens on the BSC in partnership with PolyNetwork!

You can now switch from the Ethereum blockchain to the Binance Smart Chain (and vice versa) with one click via the following address:


The $ROCKS smart contract address on BSC is identical to the address on Ethereum: 0x0829d2d5cC09d3d341E813c821B0cfAE272D9fb2

$ROCKS + PancakeSwap

The team is very excited to announce that $ROCKS tokens are now available to be traded on PancakeSwap at the following address:


The live $ROCKS exchange rates on BSC are available at the following address:


Liquidity Farming

A liquidity farming pool will soon be set up to offer our community the possibility of providing liquidity in exchange for an awesome APY.

We will tell you more soon, stay tuned!



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