Quick focus on… The tokens utility!️ 🎟️

Let’s clearly understand the utility of the $ROCKS tokens.

  1. Pay tips to your favorite influencers / analysts / traders. As you know, on Social Rocket it is possible to monetize your content. Thus, users wishing to reward your awesome content will do it using $ROCKS tokens.
  2. Increase your visibility on the platform. For users wishing to boost their visibility and thus grow their community, it is possible to pay for temporary boosts in order to get your posts highlighted in your community’s live feed, as well as in the “Trending” and “Hot today” sections. This service is chargeable, in $ROCKS.
  3. Place a crypto project in the “Trending projects” section. The “Trending projects” section automatically and dynamically lists the most trending crypto projects of the moment. But it is also possible for project leaders to temporarily display their project there as part an advertising campaign. This service is chargeable, in $ROCKS.
  4. Make targeted advertising in the crypto community live feed. It is possible to make targeted advertising within the crypto community live feed. For example, a project leader / project team wishing to expose a specific post related to a crypto project can can sponsor it. This service is chargeable, in $ROCKS.
  5. Boost a post. Any user of the Social Rocket platform can, at any time, boost a specific post in order to offer it more visibility, reaching a wider audience. The objective may be to grow a community or quite simply to share specific information more widely. This service is chargeable, in $ROCKS.
  6. Display a temporary message in the main header. It is possible to display a temporary message for a specific duration on the main header of the platform, in an advertising process. This service is chargeable, in $ROCKS.

Social Rocket empowers the Twitter & Telegram crypto communities by offering an exclusive and innovative tailor-made platform.

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