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Today, let’s make a quick focus on the tokens LOCKS in the Social Rocket ecosystem!

What is a token LOCK?

A token LOCK refers to a specific period of time in which cryptocurrency tokens cannot be reached. Typically, these are used as a preventive strategy to maintain a stable long-term value of a particular asset, and to secure crypto-projects investors.

The LOCKS in the Social Rocket ecosystem

At Social Rocket, we take into account the expectations of our investors and we know that tokens lock-up it is essential to offer the most reassuring and secure environment possible around the project. To do this, we have set up a tokens LOCK strategy that covers all the main wallets of the project, let’s get into the details.

🎟️ Team Tokens
The tokens held by the project team are fully locked via time contract for an initial period of 6 months concerning 100% of the total amount, then 50% will be released every month after the initial period of 6 months at 5.5% per month. Here is the LOCK PROOF.

🎟️ Marketing Tokens
The tokens allocated to marketing are locked in a two-year linear release vesting contract. Here is the LOCK PROOF.

🎟️ Project Vault
The project Vault is fully locked in a time contract and this for all the project development period. Thereafter, only the project algorithm will be allowed to access the Vault. Here is the LOCK PROOF.

🦄 Uniswap Liquidity
The Uniswap liquidity is fully locked for a minimum period of one year. Here is the LOCK PROOF.

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