An in-depth look at the Partnership System 🔎

1. Sending a proposition

On the profile page of a user, you can find a “Partnership” button, right next to the “Follow” button. By pressing it, the feed block will turn into two blocks :

  • A list of reviews for this user;

2. The partnership dashboard

Once a partnership proposition has been sent, each user can see it in his partnership dashboard. The dashboard shows all the partnerships and their status.

  • If the status is blue, an action must be performed (accept/refuse, lock funds, set task as completed, leave a review, …);

3. The partnership process step by step

The user receiving the partnership proposition can either accept or refuse it. If he accepts it, the following scenario unfolds:

  1. The influencer completes the agreed task;
  2. If the project manager consider that the agreed task has been well done, he releases the funds (otherwise a dispute can be initiated);
  3. The influencer can take his reward;
  4. Both parties can leave a review;

4. Dispute settlement

If at any point in the partnership, a user feels the need to report a dispute, the partnership will be locked and the funds send directly to Social Rocket. The team will hear both parties and take its final decision based on the agreed proposal, so write it carefully. After the dispute has been settled, the funds will be redistributed based on Social Rocket’s decision.

Progress and release

The whole feature is nearly finished. We are working on the smart contracts and fixing some minors bugs. Tell us what you think about this new feature and how we can improve it.



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