An in-depth look at the Partnership System 🔎

We introduced the idea of integrating a partnership system to the platform back in the end of July (read the article here). It’s nearly finished and we’d like to show you how this feature will work.

1. Sending a proposition

  • A partnership form;
  • A list of reviews for this user;

The form lets you choose if you are a project manager in need of an influencer, or an influencer wanting to promote a project. You describe the terms of the partnership inside the text box and set a price in $ROCKS for the promotion.

Each review in the list contains a commentary and a rating (from 0 to 5 stars). The average of these ratings gives the trust score, that you can see next to the username on the profile page. Giving a feedback after a partnership is optional.

2. The partnership dashboard

  • If the status is grey, there is no need for an action;
  • If the status is blue, an action must be performed (accept/refuse, lock funds, set task as completed, leave a review, …);

The partnership dashboard also allows you to see the reviews you received from past partnerships by clicking on the “Reviews” tab.

3. The partnership process step by step

  1. The project manager locks the funds into the smart contract;
  2. The influencer completes the agreed task;
  3. If the project manager consider that the agreed task has been well done, he releases the funds (otherwise a dispute can be initiated);
  4. The influencer can take his reward;
  5. Both parties can leave a review;

4. Dispute settlement

Progress and release

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