To begin with it would be great if you could give us a few details of your history and your role in the social rocket team?

My name is Felix Aubert, I am the founder and CEO of Social Rocket. My background is both technical and functional, I am a former engineer and I now have a bit more than 10 years of experience in tech, product management & strategy. I held a position of CTO in a large European agency specializing in new technologies for years, and I got a foothold in the crypto world in 2015 (and have stayed there ever since).

However, it is only since 1 year that I decided to devote myself 100% professionally to it, thanks to Social Rocket!

Could you quickly present Social Rocket?

So basically, you can think about Social Rocket as a kind of « Twitter platform » with exclusive tailor-made features for the crypto community and where influencers & traders get rewarded for being actives, like on Youtube for example. Social Rocket is all about empowering the Twitter & Telegram crypto communities with blockchain technologies.

Users are able to automatically share crypto news, signals, tips & analysis in real time on Twitter & Telegram from Social Rocket, and earn incomes for it. The platform is really an unprecedented dedicated environment with an exclusive and gamified user experience.

Crypto-enthusiasts, traders, influencers, let’s get daily rewarded for sharing crypto content (news, trading signals, tips, analysis, memes…). You will quickly gain levels by using the Social Rocket platform, that will allow you to grow your community and thus your income.

If you had a few main benefits to share about using Social Rocket?

1. Unprecedented tailor-made platform & features for the crypto community
2. Synchronized to your Twitter account & Telegram groups & channels
3. Monetize your Social Rocket, Twitter & Telegram audience
4. Earn incomes by being active on the crypto community

Could you tell us more about the mechanism behind Social Rocket user’s reward system?

Sure, so basically there is 3 main ways of monetize your content on Social Rocket:

  • Get rewarded by using the platform:
    By using the Social Rocket platform, you will quickly start to gain experience points depending on your activity, and thus increase your general level. Let’s see this as a kind of « staking » but with your activity in the Social Rocket crypto community. The higher your level will be, the higher your APY will be too!
  • Affiliation:
    Social Rocket platform allows you to reach your community in Twitter & Telegram in one click. Simply post one time from Social Rocket and it will automatically post on your Twitter account & Telegram groups / channels if you decide to. Then, each time a new user clicks on one of your posts and get to create an account on Social Rocket, you get a new affiliate, upgrading you monthly earnings for life!
  • Premium content:
    Finally, the best part. Anyone working hard on providing good and valuable content should be rewarded for it. So on Social Rocket, when you publish a new post, you can decide if it’s free or reserved to your Premium subscribers. Because yes, on Social Rocket, you can manage your own premium crypto program. In your profile, simply set your Premium content access price per user and per month.

    It’s time to capitalize on your skills and knowledge!

Could you describe a little bit the token utility within Social Rocket platform?

Ok so long story short, ROCKS tokens will be very helpful in the Social Rocket ecosystem.

First of all, people will pay you in ROCKS monthly to access your awesome & valuable Premium content.

If you feel like your profile and / or some of your posts deserve more visibility, you can pay in ROCKS to boost your presence on the platform, and so grow your community.

Also, project leaders will be able to contact you on Social Rocket to eventually promote a great crypto product for example. They will be able to pay you with ROCKS tokens as well.

There is much more to say with tokens utility, we will unveil the next steps later on, stay tuned!

What is you project methodology to handle the complexity of this project?

Regarding the stage of development, we are currently in the product design phase. We are working with the SCRUM methodology, working in short iterations to avoid any potential tunnel effect. User-stories are written on the basis of the specifications previously established, and the complexity of each task is assessed and will result in the definition of 2-week sprints. Various velocity indicators as well as KPIs are currently defined, making it possible to monitor the progress of the project implementation.

Could you share the main next milestones of your roadmap?

We will first release a brand new 2.0 version of the whitepaper, then share the main designs of the platform within the next week! Then, a full interactive front-end demo of the platform will be released before the end of the year, allowing our community to become more familiar with the end product. Finally, we aim to release the beta version of the platform for Q1 2021!

To finish, what motivated you to set up this project of combining Blockchain with social media? What was the vision when it was first emerged as an idea?

Well, as we all know we live in a world in which big companies have the inertia to accumulate and centralize users, data and money. Blockchain is a technology, as we all know, that has the main value of offering a perspective of decentralization of those services. We have seen incredible blockchain-based projects over the years to deliver services through a new lens, but none have truly combined social media and blockchain so I felt like we needed to do it, and in the best timing. And here we are!

Social Rocket empowers the Twitter & Telegram crypto communities by offering an exclusive and innovative tailor-made platform.

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