The other day I was watching the Ethereum Community Conference 4, and I was thinking how ironic it was that the conference about the biggest decentralized system in the world was happening in a country that just adopted a sanitary passport without which you can no longer work, travel or go to the hospital. Anyway, Vitalik Buterin was giving a talk about the things that matter outside DeFi (go watch it) and I’d like to share some thoughts with you, because I’m very hyped by this technology, and it also concerns Social Rocket.

Web 1.0 gave us all the information…

Developers want to spend their time developing, pushing out awesome features and making the best product possible. To them, marketing strategy and partnerships with influencers sounds as much fun as wisdom tooth extraction. We can’t completely (at least not yet) relieve them from these tasks, but we can surely make the process easier!

The partnership system allows developers to easily find trustworthy content creators to promote their project. The transaction between the two actors will be overseen by Social Rocket and the funds locked in a smart-contract until obligations are met. In case of litigation, Social Rocket will take care…

The Social Rocket team has been silent for more than a month on all its social network accounts, why was that so? 🤔

On the 25th of June, one of the co-founder of Social Rocket, Felix, decided to leave the project to go towards other horizons and announced on the Discord #announcements channel that he was giving the entire control of the project to its former associate, Maxime.

This situation came abruptly, so we needed time to process the information and chose our next moves carefully. The now lone founder had to work hard on setting up a new team…

This is probably one of the most important updates of the year, the Beta version has just been released!

We are very happy to officially announce the followings :

  • Social Rocket has just been upgraded to Beta version!
  • Crypto-influencers, you can now collect tips on the platform
  • $ROCKS tokens are now available on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
  • You can now trade your $ROCKS tokens on PancakeSwap
  • Marketing strategy will be launched with user acquisition

Social Rocket upgrade to Beta version

After 8 months of hard work, the team is proud to release the Beta version of the platform today, much more stable and efficient than the previous Alpha version. …

You asked us, we did it!

In order to optimize the trading experience of our community (particularly related to ETH transaction fees), we have decided to open a trading pool on PancakeSwap.

$ROCKS + Binance Smart Chain

In order to meet the needs of our users, we have bridged the $ROCKS tokens on the BSC in partnership with PolyNetwork!

You can now switch from the Ethereum blockchain to the Binance Smart Chain (and vice versa) with one click via the following address:

The $ROCKS smart contract address on BSC is identical to the address on Ethereum: 0x0829d2d5cC09d3d341E813c821B0cfAE272D9fb2

$ROCKS + PancakeSwap

Let’s clearly understand the utility of the $ROCKS tokens!

On Social Rocket the $ROCKS tokens give you the ability to get rewarded for your crypto-content, as well as accessing awesome premium features.

1. Receive tips on your free content.

Change the way your crypto content is valued. Let your community reward your valuable crypto trading signals & analysis. On Social Rocket, you can share your trading signals & analysis in real time and get rewarded for it. Let your community support your great work and benefit from your exclusive premium insights.

2. Receive payments for your Premium content.

Set some of your content a “Premium”, only available to your community via paid access.

3. Farm $ROCKS tokens.

By sharing content on Social Rocket, you will quickly start…

This is it, the big release is here!

Finally, MetaMask Wallet connect, Notifications & Twitter username claiming features are live!

You can now connect your MetaMask wallet to the platform, receive notifications (new followers, received comments, received likes, @mentions in posts & comments) as well as claiming your Twitter @username directly on Social Rocket!

This release includes the following improvements:

- Major overall speed improvement
- MetaMask Wallet connect (more wallets will be added on the fly)
- Notifications
- Twitter username claiming
- “Top performers of the day” major improvement
- Homepage & Trending UI improvements
- Improved gamification linked to reaching new levels
- Deletion of images in posts
- Auto focus on the comment field
- Experience points gain mechanism…

Dear pioneers,

Here we are, the very first Apha technical-functional brick has been released! The whole team is very happy with this first iteration, everything went perfectly so that we can now carry out this phase of testing and improvement exactly as expected before the release of the Beta version later on.

A little reminder on what an Alpha version is:

The Alpha is the very first phase of the release life cycle of the product.
This version is all about quality assurance & testing in near-real conditions. At this stage, the platform may contain errors and instabilities.

The goal of this very first Alpha release is to identify…

To celebrate the launch of the Alpha version of the Social Rocket platform, DeFi of Thrones joins the party by offering a great Airdrop of $150 in $DOTX to our first users, everyday for two weeks!

How to earn a $DOTX Airdrop?

It’s simple! Every day, to have a chance to be drawn, just post a Tweet mentioning @social___rocket with your Social Rocket @username and the link to your Social Rocket profile!

Example of Tweet:

Add me on @social___rocket, the new social network for the crypto community!
My username is @KristinWatson, here is the link to my profile: [URL of your profile on Social Rocket]

Here we go, good luck to all!

The Social Rocket team

Dear pioneers,

After a big rush over the last few months, the whole team is very happy to announce that the Alpha version of the platform will be launched in the next few days! We are in the process of finalizing the last pre-launch details in order to ensure an optimal production release (scalability of the backend infrastructure, security, minor improvements, etc).

But what is an Alpha version?

The Alpha is the very first phase of the release life cycle of the product.
This version is all about quality assurance & testing. At this stage, the platform may contain errors and instabilities.

The goal of this…

Social Rocket

Social Rocket empowers the Twitter & Telegram crypto communities by offering an exclusive and innovative tailor-made platform.

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